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EMVA1288 certification of equipment

EMVA1288 tests are not easy to set up, but the produced data and therefore the tested product can only feature the EMVA1288 logo if the company publishing the data has applied for the logo copyright, if the company building the test equipment has certified the equipment to the EMVA1288 standard and if the company performing the tests follows the EMVA1288 procedures for testing, reporting and calibration.

Up to version 3.1 (current version is 3.1rc2), all equipments and measurements were self-certified. Starting from version 3.2 (currently limited to the technical working committee), the standards starts to define the certification and calibration methods, starting first with the software certification. The standard still allows for self-certification but also opens the process to third-party certification.

As the standard evolves regularly and using older versions of the standard is not compliant, recertification on a regular basis is necessary.

What is EMVA1288?

EMVA1288 logo

The EMVA1288 standard is a standard of the European Machine Vision Association that specifies how image sensors and line scan sensors should be measured and described, so that the data provided by various manufacturers and suppliers is comparable.

The standard defines the measurement setup and the measurement methods.

Software certification

EMVA1288 v3.2 specifies the method to validate the EMVA1288 measurement software. Self certification and third-party certification are possible.

Aphesa offers certication of EMVA1288 measurement software as an on-site certification or by exchanging data and documents.

Hardware certification

EMVA1288 v4 will specify the methods to validate the EMVA1288 measurement hardware. Self certification and third-party certification are possible.

Aphesa offers certification of EMVA1288 measurement hardware as an on-site certification or by shipping a test equipment to Aphesa.

Procedures certification

Aphesa can audit and validate the EMVA1288 measurement procedures to ensure that they are compliant with the latest version of the EMVA1288 standard. This is recommended to be on-site but can also be done by exchanging documents.

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