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Camera design service

Design service (industrial custom camera development)

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Our camera design actvities include all aspects of camera designs from image sensor selection to mechanical body design and lens selection. Our cameras are generally FPGA based but we also have experience with other architectures including ARM based processors for example.

Aphesa has the AIA Certified Vision Professional basic and advanced certifications and is a member of the Xilinx Alliance program.

Custom cameras are usually developped because they have specific requirements that standard cameras do not offer, for example high temperature operation, special form factor, specific interface, custom lens format, embedded dedicated processing, use of custom image sensors or other customer requirements.


Camera interface examples: CameraLink (Base/Medium/Full), GigE-Vision (Gen<i>cam), USB2, LVDS, USB3, USB3-Vision, CoaXpress, SDI.

Image sensors: area scan and line scan CMOS, low/medium/high speed, low/medium/high resolution. monochrome/color/hyperspectral.

Embedded algorithms examples: image sensor control, image enhancement (with and without calibration), color reconstruction and correction, JPEG compression, automatic exposure control, 3D profiling reconstruction, many more.

Mechanical: unusual form factors, mechanical constraints and thermal constrains.

High temperature accelerated lifetime qualification.

TL3D camera

TL2 camera   FlEye camera

BlueRidge camera   TL2 system


Our custom cameras are used in various applications including high temperature oil&gas pipe inspection, high speed parcel tag scanning, medical microscopes, pipe manufacturing, web scanning and other industrial applications. Cameras have also been developed for space, medical and automotive markets.

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About us

Aphesa develops custom cameras and custom electronics including FPGA code and embedded software. We also provide EMVA1288 test equipment and test services as well as consulting and training in machine vision and imaging technologies. Aphesa works in several markets including industrial, medical, oil&gas and security.