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Eureca (Koeln, Germany): http://www.eureca.de. Operates in all of Europe but mostly German speaking countries.


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AIC VISION (Yokohama, Japan): https://aicvision.jp. Japan only.

Recently founded, AIC (Advanced Imaging Components) distributes cameras, smart cameras, sensors, frame grabbers, cables, filters, measurement systems, vision software, lighting solutions and services of European and American companies to the Japanese machine vision market.

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JM-VISTEC System (Singapore): http://www.jm-vitec.com Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Asian countries.

As a leading, performance driven, machine vision specialist, JM Vistec System provides unparalleled support to solve complex machine vision applications.

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SureVision (Taipei, Taiwan): http://www.surevision.com.tw. Taiwan only.

Sure Technology Corporation has been established since 2001. The company's main business is machine vision related component selling including frame grabbers, CCD/CMOS cameras, lenses, lighting, optical parts, etc. Over 30 years imaging related products selling experience and more than 20 years industrial field experience in Taiwan. Engineers have strong imaging background, and provide quick and effective service to customers.

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NIP (Seoul, South Korea): http://www.nip.co.kr. South Korea only.

Machine vision system house of South Korea. Founded in 1984, NIP has developed and provided industrial components such as SWIR/CCD/CMOS cameras, interfaces, lenses, frame grabbers and so on.

North America

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Aphesa is actively looking for representatives and distributors, primarily in Europe and in North America. More information on the carrers page.


About us

Aphesa develops custom cameras and custom electronics including FPGA code and embedded software. We also provide EMVA1288 test equipment and test services as well as consulting and training in machine vision and imaging technologies. Aphesa works in several markets including industrial, medical, oil&gas and security.