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High Dynamic Range Imaging: Sensors and architectures
This ebook provides the reader with a basic knowledge of high dynamic range image sensors and techniques for industrial and non-industrial applications. It describes various sensor and pixel architectures to achieve high dynamic range imaging as well as software approaches to make high dynamic range images out of lower dynamic range sensors or image sets. The book follows a mathematical approach to define the amount of information and information rate that can be extracted from the image for each of the methods described. This book is not about the artistic side of high dynamic range images.
The typical application is automotive on-board vision where the dynamic range of the scene is high and important information is often hidden in darker areas (lane departure warning, pedestrian detection and other). HiDy is involved in several industrial application like inspection of highly reflective materials or welding. HiDy is also very important in security.

This book will enable you to:
1. describe various approaches to achieve high dynamic range imaging
2. predict the behavior of a given sensor or architecture on a scene
3. specify the sensor or system requirements for a high dynamic range pplication
4. classify the types of high dynamic range applications

This material is intended for anyone who needs to learn more about high dynamic range imaging. Optical engineers, electronic engineers and marketing people will find useful information for their next high dynamic range application.

The e-book has now been published as an actual book by SPIE press. The book can be purchased on the SPIE website.

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