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Other measurements

Spectral measurements

Aphesa offers spectral response measurements of image sensors, cameras, photodiodes and spectral transmissivity measurement of materials. Resolutions of 1nm, 5nm, 10nm or larger are available in the spectral range of 200nm up to 1650nm.

More information can be found in the white paper publication spectral response of silicon image sensors and in our blog article describing the measurement technology.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) measurements

Based on an early draft of a future EMVA1288 module about HDR sensors and cameras, Aphesa provides response curves, photon transfer curves (PTC) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) curves of HDR sensors and cameras. We also calculate the possible presence of dynamic range gaps (SNR holes).

A specific high dynamic range and high contrast test chart can then be used to compare the intra-scene dynamic range with the dynamic range obtained from the EMVA1288-like measurement.

Aphesa is a recognized expert in high dynamic range imaging.

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Aphesa develops custom cameras and custom electronics including FPGA code and embedded software. We also provide EMVA1288 test equipment and test services as well as consulting and training in machine vision and imaging technologies. Aphesa works in several markets including industrial, medical, oil&gas and security.